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Obscura Antiques
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An antiques store with its own TV show on the Discovery Channel? Sure enough, the show is called Oddities and it follows the owners of Obscura Antiques, 207 Ave. A [12/ 13th] 212.505.9251, as they buy the creepy crawlies and freaky objects for their mesmerizing East Village store.

Even before the show, the store had an avid following and it's easy to see why. This shop has all the weirdness you could dream of—or have nightmares about—insinuated throughout the claustrophobic space.

Snake wine, shrunken heads, taxidermy, malevolent-looking dolls, a straight-jacket, shelves of old medical potions and tinctures involving strychnine. You can buy a mummy-head snow globe (stocking stuffer!) or a lobotomy icepick (co-worker!).

If this stuff makes you shudder a little, Obscura is doing its job. If it doesn't, take a look at the prosthetic hand or ask about the casket. Or thumb through a book on diseases.

There are things with straps and hooks, though, that you really are better off not giving much thought to.

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