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Prom Night
From a reader: Do you guys know about the Awesome 80s Prom? It is playing Friday nights at Webster Hall. It is one of the most fun evenings in NY — relive those prom memories with great 80s tunes and characters straight out of your own life. It is too much fun.

Cheap Tickets
From a reader: When looking for airline tickets, some airlines make you go to their company websites. The website sidestep.com kicks a**. It takes two seconds to download onto yourcomputer and is easy to use. It searches out all airline websites for your dates and cheapest prices.

Tres Chicas
Caitlin Cary of Whiskeytown, Lynn Blakey of Glory Fountain, and Tonya Lamm of Hazeldine make up Tres Chicas, a coolly harmonizing, down-home alt country trio that we find irresistible. Catch them Saturday night at 9:30pm at Joe's Pub. 212.239.6200 for tickets, which are $15.

Motorcycle Safety School
From a reader: The Motorcycle Safety School is a great school run by Diane Howells in Brooklyn and upstate. She teaches people to ride and get licensed to ride scooters, Vespas, and motorcycles. Best of all, she has a great attitude and quite a few women in her classes.

Lederer Sale
Lederer, 457 Mad [51st] 212.355.5515, is selling a large selection of bags for $79.95 (they normally sell for many times that amount), through 8/21.
We are fans of Joseph Giovannini's architecture columns in New York magazine but this week's piece on the MoMA QNS Tall Buildings exhibit has one sentence that has us scratching our heads: "Through a combination of chauvinism, provincialism, and hubris, we've gotten stuck in the notion that Manhattan's conventional high-rises are, ipso facto, the best." How can that be true? When was the last time, in which decade, have you heard New Yorkers praise or offer even the slightest enthusiasm for the design of a single new high-rise? The best you ever hear is 'well, it's not as bad as it could have been.'

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