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The 400
A MUG reader, Mark Novitz, was nice enough to put together a file of The 400 bookmarks, arranged in the same categories, for people who use the Firefox browser (available for Windows and Mac and the official web browser at MUG HQ), so you can import it onto your toolbar. Click here, then choose save as (web page, complete). Then choose manage bookmarks and import the file. Voila.

Only one correction on the list (so far): Freakatorium has decamped from the LES.

As much fun as it was for MUG to get the Michelin scoop, now that we've had a chance to look the ratings over, the list is an embarrassment for Michelin. Of course no such list could satisfy everybody. But La Goulue and Fiamma Osteria each get a star and Chanterelle nothing? And where are all the two-star restaurants? What about Scott Conant (L'Impero and Alto), who got no stars. Note to Michelin: your inspectors need to be taken out back and shot.

More on our murals roundup from readers:

Thought you might like to know about some massive Manhattan murals [by Craig McPherson] across from Ground Zero, completely surrounding the lobby of the American Express Tower. The mural cycle "Harbors of the World" includes 10 oil-on-linen paintings: You can see them there, at the WFC Tower #3, or here. The murals were commissioned by American Express in 1986 and all 10 were completed by 1992. These are arguably the largest (and certainly among the largest) oil paintings in the U.S. They survived the crash of the North Tower directly across the street, were buried in debris for over 6 months, wet, covered in corrosive concrete dust and open to the elements — without damage to the paint surface. "In office buildings, you might also list the Roy Lichenstein "Blue Brushstroke" mural at the AXA Building on 787 Seventh Ave, between 52nd and 53rd. The image soars 68 ft high x 32 ft. Modern and dramatic, perhaps his largest work. See it here.

There's the mural at LaGuardia's Marine Air Terminal.

You forgot my favorite — Thomas Hart Benton! Benton's masterpiece, the mural America Today presented an optimistic portrayal of a vital country filled with earthy, muscular figures.

I was looking at your selection of noteworthy murals around the city. And I see that mine are missing.

The Orozco Room at the New School is beautifully intact.

Finally, Sandro Chia's wonderful Palio of Siene mural is still gracing the walls at what is now Palio Bar.

One of the city's top tour guides, Justin Ferate, does an occasional tour focused on murals.

Street Vendors
Here's where to find the street food vendors nominated for Vendy awards that we mentioned last week.

Thiru Kumar is at Washington Square South across the law school.
Tony Dragonas is at 62nd and Madison.
Ralf Babiel is on 54th near 5th.
And the Halal teams cooks at 53rd and 6th, after 8pm only.

This friendly competition has been organized by the Street Vendor Project and the final cook-off takes place November 10th, 7-10:30. The finalists will be selling their food (at their usual prices), there will be an open bar of wine and beer, and judges will pick the winner. It's $35 (tax deductible) and will take place at 27 E. 4th [Laf/Bowery] 646.602.5679. Go, eat.Tickets.

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