intersection 09.29.14

Old and Newww.York

Where Did U Get That is one of the best fashion blogs, chronicling
New York style and fashion by, *horrors*, a Brit.
Is one Anna Wintour not enough?

T.M. Rives seems to write well on any subject, but that's especially true of his New York work, notably Secret New York and Secret New York - Curious Activities.

Tattoo Culture in Brooklyn creates body art that's a long way from Popeye's simple anchor tattoos. Browse the work of resident and guest artists and you'll see what we mean.

Alice Austen created a series in 1896 of Street Types of New York.

An iOS app that helps you find seats at decent prices for sports events in NY (and other cities) and delivers the tickets to your phone.

The Routes Not Taken:
A Trip Through New York City's
Unbuilt Subway System

NYC Taper is an archive of (legally) taped live musical performances. [Photo: Mark Shelby Perry]

At Adrienne Ottenberg's website Cartography and Illustration, a map of Bemelmans' New York. A show of Bemelmans work' is at New-York Historical Society through October 19.

Your search for a Viola de Gamba Society is over: Viola da Gamba Society of Greater New York. (What is a viola de gamba?)

The corner of 8th and 23rd, NW corner, 1933. [Click image to enlarge]


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