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Old Show Queens

Old Show Queens is a series of reflections by—in alphabetical orderGary Gunas and Billy Rosenfield, on Broadway's Golden Age.

Filmed by Andrew Hawkins and Jeff Marx at the London home of Messrs. Gunas and Rosenfield, the two gents (full disclosure: we've known and adored Gary and Billy since they were young show queens) are great company. Their days and nights in the Broadway trenches—Gunas as a general manager and producer, Rosenfield as a playwright and executive producer of original cast albums—arm them with fascinating and funny stories and plenty of generously-shared opinions on what worked and what did not.

We were dismayed that the series seemed to have ended after six episodes last fall, but good news! The first episode of season two has been released, and you can watch Gary and Billy (well, mostly Billy) discuss Stephen Sondheim on Playbill's site.


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