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Our Hump Day suggestions tend to take you to the far corners of the web for some esoteric, entertaining, and/or just plain oddball pursuits; these websites are based much closer to home and some of them might actually be of use to you…

Handcrafted, casual men's shirts (t's and polos), boxers, bedding, and what may be the most expensive vodka in the world.

Music playlists are the stock in trade here. They're organized by genre, by mood and tempo, and also by things like 'traveling,' 'dancing,' and 'exercise.' Additional content includes lists such as Songs About Blondes, and Apology Songs.

Scales Galore
This Brooklyn company makes scales, um, galore: for food, babies, pets, labs, and for whatever else you might need a scale.

Manhattan Reefs
Beef up your reefs and load up on Congo Tetra for your home aquarium.

Science and the City
Science-related events, exhibits, and conferences are put under the microscope (oh, har) on this website. A terrific resource.

Refinery 29
This is a cool concept: interactive maps of select, exceptional, specialty retail stores in New York, giving you the vibe of the place, what they do well, a couple of photos, location info, and website link.

Central Park
We've never seen Central Park looking better: it's extraordinarily well cared for, all the major spots are in top shape, and we keep happening upon many small, delightful touches such as new footpaths. On top of it all, we don't recall seeing the park as lushly green as it has been in the past half year. Get all your CP info at this new website that's worthy of the park it covers.

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