intersection 05.20.11

One Liners

Plan of the City, in which many notable New York buildings blast off to resettle on Mars, is 13-minute film with a soundtrack of the NOW Ensemble performing composer Judd Greenstein's "Change." It's a fantastic voyage.

Fish Eddy, 889 Bway [19th] 212.420.9020, has a jaunty new line of dishes and kitchen accessories—if you buy one, 5% of proceeds go to the Food Bank.

Add this to our roundup of horses: Gallop NYC offers therapeutic horseback riding for people with learning disabilities.

The UK's Daily Mail just ran these amazing, rare color images of America during the Great Depression.

Mark Hurst, Gel conference organizer and all-around seasoned New Yorker, weighs in on one of MUG's Chinatown faves: "Glad to see Noodletown listed. I'd agree that the noodles & noodle soup are good there. However. It would be a missed opportunity if someone went to Noodletown and didn't order the salt-baked fish—the best dish there, among the best in Chinatown."

From David Morris, director of the movie Frack, more on what fracking brings to the neighborhood: not just flammable running water, but gas flares running non-stop, up to 40 feet in the air.

The Brooklyn Flea has a new offshoot, starting tomorrow in Williamsburg: Smorgasburg: Over 100 food vendors of all stripes—should be at the top of the weekend list for any foodie.

Pomplamoose covers the Angry Birds theme.

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