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Starting February 25th, a retrospective of films by French director Alain Resnais (Last Year at Marienbad, Night and Fog) at the Museum of Moving Image.

Watson got all the IBM's got-it-going-on attention this week, but we've been enjoying a book by IBM information developer Steve Hamilton, who moonlights as an author; his new thriller, The Lock Artist, is offbeat and first-rate.

All kinds of resources for Brooklyn parents will be showcased at A Child Grows in Brooklyn Baby Expo, which takes place on Sunday, March 13th in the penthouses of the Toren building. $35.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, too. The first full-length revival of the 1951 musical begins previews on March 12th, produced by the Peccadillo Theater Company.

Danny Meyer's new cafe at the Whitney, opening next month, is called Untitled (a little cutsier than we're used to from Meyer), and will be "inspired by the classic coffee shops that once dotted Madison Avenue" while serving "carefully sourced local ingredients." What, like fresh pentimento?

Tipped by a reader as well worth a detour: Chantilly in Bronxville. Macaroons, cookies, cupcakes, pastries, and showpiece cakes like the one pictured here called the Bernadette. Whoa!

Worthy local non-profit: NYCRx, which has a mission of "making safe and effective medications available at the lowest possible cost to all New Yorkers." Their free discount prescription card can save you up to 65% on meds.

What should you know about funeral planning? Answer

Travels to Austin, Texas for Indian food

skint - adj. british slang (1930-35)
lacking funds, broke, bust, stone-broke, impecunious

Around town this weekend, courtesy of the skint: a daily listing of free and cheap things to buy, see, do and eat in New York.

thru 2/21: score up to 70% off cookware at broadway panhandler's clearance sale

thru 2/24: see al pacino at his greatest and new york at its grittiest during film forum's salute to his '70s films. $12.50.

sat 2pm: roam the streets in search of sweets at the february truffle crawl. meet at the northeast corner of the rockefeller center skating rink. pay-as-you-go.

sat 10pm: start practicing for the adventures of priscilla, queen of the desert sing-along. 92yt, $13 admission includes a beer.

save 50% on tickets to see the international contemporary ensemble (ice) 2/22, london symphony orchestra 2/23, and axiom 2/24 (reg $25-90) at lincoln center with discount code 'adtx'.

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