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Out of Town

Upgrade: Travel Better, a website written by Mark Ashley, is dedicated to "Living the first class life, at coach prices." To that end, he provides advice for those "looking to maximize comfort, style, and convenience, while getting a great deal." Excellent info here.

Mark Smith, a career railman, began the website The Man in Seat 61 in 2001 to help would-be train travelers find the detailed info they need to ride the rails in countries around the world. It's the best guide to rail travel on the web.

Happier happy hours for travelers. The bright and stylish Vino Volo wine bar/store is now at JFK. The clever name means "wine flight" –- a way of tasting a group of wines as well as a way to civilize an increasingly uncivilized means of getting from here to there.

Check out IgoUgo—a website not as well known as, say Trip Advisor, but which we think has lots of good advice for the potentially peripatetic. There are 'real traveler' takes on everything from La Quiaca (between Bolivia and Argentina), to Civil War Virginia - From Victory to Defeat, to glacier hiking in New Zealand.

If we said you were going to stay at an 'affordable hotel' on your next vacation, you might picture a funky, dark room somewhere, smelling of stale cigarette smoke, with an indifferent staff, that's a far walk to the beach. Here's a whole book to convince you otherwise. Secret Hotels: Extraordinary Values in the World's Most Stunning Destinations, by the editing team at Budget Travel magazine. Most of the accommodations stay under the $200 mark and they're in places such as Tahiti, Tuscany, Provence, and the Caribbean. (Photo: Gregg Miller)

At the other end of the spectrum, Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a smart, tony guide to the best boutique and luxury hotels around the world. Find out about Philippe Starck's Asian property, the Jia in Hong Kong; in Ourzazate, Morocco, discover the ultra-luxe Dar Ahlam; or roam the Hacienda de San Rafael in Seville. The info provided is detailed and useful, including their favorite rooms in the property and a quick rundown on the hotel restaurant. Even if you're just an armchair traveler, it makes fun reading.

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