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Out of Town

Two food industry veterans, Jean Fitzgerald and Susan Wilber, have launched East End Excursions, 212.289.3543, www.eastendexcursions.com, which offers wine tours of local Long Island wineries. After a breakfast at the East Side Columbus Bakery, a bus takes you to the first winery where you get a tour, tasting, and lunch. A second winery follows, then a stop at a local farm stand and you're back in the city by 6pm or so. It's $85 per person. The company will also do customized tours for groups up to 50 people.

Need a cell phone overseas? The simplest solution is to use Planetfone, 888.988.4777, www.planetfone.com. You can rent or lease and the GSM phone will work in most countries. If you rent between now and the end of September, you get a 25% discount on the fee.

It's not even number two, but it tries harder: Car Rental Express, www.carrentalexpress.com, is a website that ties together independent car rental agencies. Check here to see if you can snag a better rate than at Hertz or Avis. You probably can.

The ultra-thin SMaL Digital Camera is about the size of a credit card and not, at 6mm, a whole lot thicker. It even takes pretty good pictures, stores 99 of them, and transfers with your PC or Mac. Find it for $150 at Flight 001, 96 Greenwich Ave. [12th/13th] 212.691.1001, www.flight001.com.

Nothing makes a car trip speed by like an audiobook. At Audible, www.audible.com, you can now transfer audiobooks to an iPod or use their free MP3 player. Listen to Mrs. Clinton read from her Living History, an unabridged version of The Dogs of Babel, or Augusten Burroughs read his Dry: A Memoir.
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