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Out of Town

Our friends at Urban Junkies have detailed the cool features of Heathrow's T5, the major new terminal opening on March 27th. T5 will showcase some lively public art, including the Cloud sculpture by UK design team Troika. (Photo by Alex Delfanne/Artwise Curators 2008). Official T5 site here.

For those who wish to incorporate a green ethos in their travels from home, Sustainable Travel International is an organization worth getting to know. Their mission is to promote sustainable development and responsible travel—much of it through educational programs. We learn a lot by reading their blog, which will keep you well informed of sustainable travel issues. And we love this small feature: they've partnered with Continental Airlines so that you can enter your flight itinerary and get a CO2 Offset calculation.

There's no shortage of travel info on the web, but there's never enough good info to go around. Cool Capitals only covers a few cities—Amsterdam, Antwerp, Valencia, Vienna, and Zurich—but you'll find a cleverly designed site, with smart takes on art, fashion, food, nightlife, shopping, and hotels. There isn't a boatload of information on every topic, just enough to give you a savvy overview.

Internet access (wi-fi and other) is tracked at airports around the world courtesy of At Large.

From butterflies of Sierra Chinqua in Mexico to Denmark's Christianso island, videos 'for travelers, by travelers' are uploaded to Compulsive Traveler. One of the best armchair traveling sites around.

Vayama, now out of beta, is focused exclusively on international travel, featuring flights to nearly 200 countries. We wouldn't toss your Travelocity, Kayak etc. bookmarks just yet, but this is definitely one to add.

A terrific slice of Moroccan life can be found at My Marrakesh, subtitled 'a place for lifestyle and design and the bemused tales of an American family's quest to build a guest house in Marrakesh.' After spending some time reading the posts, we were ready to move there ourselves.

Flights from Hell is ideal for venting but only a masochist would want to read through too many of these tales of aggravation. 

U.K. photographer Cat Vinton was named the Travel Photographer of the Year for her images of Norway. Check out all the prize-winners here.


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