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Out of Town

Though Mr. Pilot above is pointing the way, most of the suggestions below involve travel by car or train. For money-savings on car rentals, check MUG's article on rental car deals. The prices are out of date but the strategies aren't.

Barnaby Evans' WaterFire Providence, a sculptural installation of 100 braziers in that city's three downtown rivers, has been a huge hit since it debuted in 1994. When the braziers are lit in the evening, you get 100 bonfires and their watery reflections, plus all kinds of musical and arts events on land. Check here for full lighting dates. Where we'd stay: Hotel Providence. Where we'd eat: La Laiterie.

They're very serious about bad art at MOBA, the Museum of Bad Art in Dedham, Mass. The result is a stringently-curated tour of talentless creative forays from the last fifty or so years. Even if you don't go, the website is worth a visit, both for the artwork and the accompanying text. One reads, "This joyous, frightful circus romp is emblematic of, and yet somehow transcends, Unknown's entire body of work."

Do you really want to go to Helsinki? That's one we can't answer. If you want your vacation quota of dour (don't write, we kid), you can get there and back on Finnair for $477.

In Cornish, New Hampshire, you can visit the gorgeous house, studio, and grounds of sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Here's what you need to know to get there.

Hobart Book Village in the Catskills is having their used book sale this weekend, Saturday through Monday. There are four Main Street bookstores participating with the following deal: Books $10 and under are 50% off the marked store price and books over $10 are discounted 30%. The neighboring towns of South Kortright and Delhi join in, too. Directions to Hobart are here.

Stan Posner and Sandra Phillips-Posner know it's not easy to find deliciousness when you're just trying to get from point A to point B, so while they were researching Drive I-95, their insider's guide to the sights and secrets of stops on Interstate 95, they set out to catalog the best local food along the way, from Boston to the Florida border. (Their book goes beyond food, with history, trivia and maps, but the nosh is what really matters here.) From all-day seafood breakfasts at Richmond, Va.'s River City Diner to chocolate-covered cherries at 90-year-old Furlong's Cottage Candies in Walpole, Mass., your days of choking down soggy chainburgers are over.


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