leisure 11.19.08

Out of Town

Rio de Janeiro: RT airfare, plus five hotel nights, from $1,029

Rome and Athens RT airfare, flight from Rome to Athens, plus six hotel nights, from $795

Riviera Maya RT airfare, seven hotel nights, all meals, from $689 (It's off season, but still…)

Miami RT airfare plus three hotel nights, from $312

A Great Mystery, Involving a 16th Century Priest and Mapmaker, and a Map of America From the Washington Post (Registration req.)

How Many Countries can you name in five minutes? There are 195, average score is 53. Don't forget Nauru.

Skyscanner is another flight search engine to add to your bookmarks. It specializes in low cost airlines in Europe and Australasia and the design is beautiful.

PoGo from Polaroid could add some fun to your next vacation: the small box (a bit larger than a deck of cards) wirelessly prints pics from your camera cell phone. Cool idea, though image quality could be improved on in the next version and it's not iPhone compatible. $99

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