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Out of Town: Trek amfAR

Ring in 2009 on Thailand's Old Elephant Trail.

Join amfAR's Trek Asia from December 27th-January 8th for quite a special journey. The 13-day hike takes place along an ancient trade route in northern Thailand, an area seldom visited by Western tourists. Among the rewards, lush forests, picturesque villages, and stunning mountain vistas.

The greater rewards—funds raised through the trek—go to those in amfAR (The Foundation for AIDS Research) global AIDS programs. Trekkers pledge to raise $10,000 for the cause.

You don't need MUG to tell you about the important work amfAR has been doing for many years. But we do know that people who have participated in previous treks (this is the fourth) have considered them meaningful and memorable in ways that transcend an ordinary holiday.

Check out the trip itinerary, photos, and read about the experiences of past trekkers on their website. You can sign up here. And if you want more information, talk with Cassandra Dawes, at 212.806.1753 or email her here.

Retail Edition
MUG's occasional quiz. Answers will be published at 3pm on our website.

Q: This award-winning designer has pieces in the permanent collection of MoMA. He was born in Cairo, and has his own shop in Chelsea. Who is he?
a) Karim Rashid b) Jonathan Adler c) Ahmed Adaweyah
A: Karim Rashid

Q: They're on Carmine Street, have been in business since 1968, and have over a million vinyl records in stock. What's the name of the store?
a) B-Side b) House of Oldies c) 33 RPM
A: House of Oldies

Q: Which shoe designer has a shoe called Jaws?
a) Christian Louboutin b) Jimmy Choo c) Manolo Blahnik
A: Christian Louboutin

Q: New York City is about to get its first IKEA. Which nabe?
A: Red Hook

Q: Hyman Moscot began selling these in 1899 from a LES pushcart. The original store opened at 94 Rivington in 1915, and eventually son, Sol, took over. The store, now called Sol Moscot, sells what?
A: Eyeglasses

Q: Which designer did the Prada store in Soho?
a) Rem Koolhaas b) Zaha Hadid c) Michael Graves
A: Rem Koolhaas

Q: It was started by Louis and Lillian in 1934 as a smoked fish counter in Daitch Market. The store?
A: Zabar's

Q: What are you most likely to find at Soho's Muji store, a Japanese export with a cult following?
a) Sushi b) Electronics c) Household goods
A: Household Goods


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