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P. E. Guerin

Decorative hardware — doorknobs, drawer pulls, hooks and pegs — doesn't get better than the pieces fabricated by the firm of P. E. Guerin, 23 Jane [Greenwich Ave./W. 4th] 212.243.5270. Guerin was established in 1857 and has been on Jane Street since 1892. It remains a family business.

Guerin is an actual foundry where the "artistic hardware," as they call it, is cast and chased using traditional methods. After the metal piece is formed in a sand mold, it spends time in the hands of chasers, craftspeople whose tool kit is composed of 800 tiny chisels. They work on each piece intensely to bring up detail and crisp up lines.

Some pieces are made in their foundry in Spain, others right on Jane Street. In either case, expect a wait. Guerin carries no walk-away pieces and you need to make an appointment for a visit.
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