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Parfum Print

The print Parfum was found by the set designer of Sex & the City in a Manhattan set shop where many props from store displays end up. Since it was a copy with no signature, the designer assumed it was a French print from the 40s.

After watching a number of episodes, illustrator and designer Chesley McLaren realized the framed art near Carrie's front door was actually her work, where it stayed through the television series and the feature films.

The original artwork was part of a large collection of illustrations for the major "Vive La France" Bloomingdales campaign in 1989. After that, Chesley became known as "The French Illustrator in New York." More recently, she turned her hand to fashion design, creating the beguiling clothes for the Demoiselle line.

A new, signed, limited edition run of the Parfum print is now available. It's 16"x20", as it is in the show and films, on archival watercolor paper. It's $500, plus shipping and handling. For further information, email or call 212.496.1505. The Parfum print is copyrighted 2010 and is for personal framing only.

Today on Wish You Were Here:

Smudge is the digital art studio that produced Chesley McLaren's Parfum print, owned by Dolores Cotton and Leni Wolfenson. Mr. Wolfenson told us:

"We are literally what's left of the old Varick Street printing district. We have our two Ryobi presses in the basement, and digital machines on top. We are historically trade printers, but had the opportunity to parlay our resources to people like Chesley, who would normally have to go to either a print broker or design studio to find us.

Two years ago, we were on the sixth floor in the back of one of those large warehouse buildings, but had the opportunity to renovate and move in to the space we're in now. We've been working in printing since the 80s, and now for the first time we're open to everybody. We've retained our workshop/studio approach, because we do all our work on premises."

Smudge is at 37 Carmine [Bleecker/Bedford] 212.561.5894.

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