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When we first met Benjamin Sann in 2006, he was 18 years old and he'd already been on his mission for two years.

That mission was getting prices for virtually all parking garages in the city, collecting the data by biking every block to see the rates and precise locations twice: once for the initial entry, the second time months later to verify. The prices were then charted on his website NYC Garages.

Our kind of guy.

Since then, the site has evolved into Best Parking, with rates in NY and six other cities, as well as dozens of airports around the country.

You can choose to compare daily or monthly pricing, and see all the garage options in any neighborhood. So if you were looking in, say, the LES for monthly parking, you could pay $250 or nearly three times that a few blocks away. A good number of garages on the site are listed without price; you'll need to complete a short form and get a quote that way. If you're looking for parking away from your computer, you can use their mobile site.

Whether or not it fills a need remains to be seen, but Fresh Hawaiian, a new delivery service, is betting that you won't be able to resist its non-stop-from-the-islands goods.

Pineapples, papayas, bananas, flowers, coffee, and other island specialties, in any quantity, can be delivered to your door. While it seems to go against the eat local trend (and the environmental impact is questionable), who knows, it might work. Stranger things have happened.

The website is still skeletal, so contact them for more info at 203.426.7141 or email them here.

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