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Parking Garage Guide

Say you live on 29th Street. You need to find a monthly garage. You could pay $643 at 10 E. 29th or you could pay $233 at 253 W. 29th.

We know this because of a new website called NYC Garages where you can search by neighborhood, address, or attraction for daily or monthly parking. Up pops a map showing the garage locations; beneath the map is a chart with the garage name and address, street and avenue, displayed from least expensive to most expensive. And there's even more detail: click on the garage name for additional info on pricing, hours, and garage capacity. The service currently covers Houston to 96th Street but will expand shortly to start at the Bowery and go up to 125th.

This site is the brainchild of Benjamin Sann. And you won't believe this: he started the project when he was 16 (he's now 18). He collected the data by biking every block to collect rates and precise locations twice: once for the initial entry, the second time months later to verify.

We know something about this kind of data collection: it's painstaking, and time-consuming, and not much fun. So we are amazed that someone could pull this off, let alone someone at Mr. Sann's relatively tender age. As far as we're concerned, if he ever decides to run for mayor, he's got our vote. Meanwhile, our thanks.
Dining for Darfur
There are still some tickets available for the Dining for Darfur benefit that takes place this Wednesday, 6-9pm, at the Puck Building. Sponsored by T Edward Wines and Andrea Strong of The Strong Buzz, 100% of the funds raised from the event will benefit the International Rescue Committee, an organization working inside Darfur, and in the Chad refugee camps.

At the event, a showcase of dozens of T. Edward's artisanal winemakers (400 wines will be poured), plus a small plates menu from Blue Ribbon, and a silent auction. Tickets are $100.

Car Commercial
Office workers panicking as the ground moves from under them. White papers flying everywhere. Alarms going off. A cop losing his balance. People flying through the air. The sounds of screaming. For some reason, the brain trust at HyundaiUSA thinks this is a way to sell their Sonata (something about the car being safe) and is running it as we approach the fifth anniversary of September 11th. Is the company clueless or willfully offensive? Are they morons or a**holes?

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