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Parking Tickets

You thought about parking there. And then you did. When you came back to your car, the city left you its calling card. Sometimes, the ticket is justified. Sometimes, not so much.

If you decide to fight a parking ticket, your best option could be pleading with the judge in person. Or, an attorney can make an objective defense based on the ticket, circumstances and specific situation.

But if you or your company is doing a lot of business around the city, with a fleet of large or small vehicles, or even if it's just you, your car, and a ticket, Trucking Tix can be helpful.

According to Jonathan Gess, one of the attorneys in the Law Offices of Mindy R. Paget which devised this service, "Companies with small and large fleets of vehicles mainly use us to handle their fleet, sending us a bulk of tickets at the same time, as ticketing agents seem to target the trucks in the City with regularity. Most companies are accustomed to the idea that not fighting tickets and just paying them adds up extremely quickly — to the point that profit margins on deliveries and service calls can be partially and entirely eliminated with one, two or three $115 tickets. Even though some companies save more than others — based on the types of tickets they receive — everyone saves over time, keeping hard-earned money in their pocket and their business."

The nice thing for individuals fighting a ticket (a parking ticket issued to a vehicle with passenger plates) is that you pay only if they beat your ticket. The way it works is this: if you owe, say, $115, you send Trucking Tix that amount via check or PayPal. If they don't beat your ticket, they forward that money to the city. If you win, they keep half and return $57.50 to you.

Not a bad deal to get you out of court and back onto the streets.
Last month, we asked readers to contribute $941, via Donor's Choose, to fund a Bronx classroom with books. You responded quickly — within an hour it was a done deal. Here's a letter from the teacher of that class:

I would like to take this time to thank you from the very bottom of my heart. Your generous donation has come at a great time. My students have two months left until their exam and they need all of the extra literacy support that they can get. I already have a small group who is dying to read Harry Potter and listen to it as they read. The best part is that this small group knows very little English so being able to hear the words as they read them will definitely help them achieve success as well as help them continue to love reading. I am extremely excited about this donation. I am imagining all of the great lessons and activities that my kids and I can now do in class…all thanks to you.

Thank you once again for your very generous donation. My kids and I all appreciate what you have given us…a chance to succeed. Thank you again.

All the Best,
James Michalski

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