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A longtime MUG favorite, The Cleaver Company, located in the Chelsea Market, just gets everything right.

Empanadas and other party food with a Latin twist is the specialty of Melissa Fox's A Casa.

The Raging Skillet, run by Chef Rossi, seasons their terrific work with a spirit of fun.

No reason to serve plonk when Warehouse Wine and Spirits, 735 Bway [8th/Waverly] 212.982.7770, has such drinker-friendly prices.

B & E Quality Beverage, 531 W. 23rd [10th/11th] 212.243.6812, carries upwards of 400 beers to stock any beer blast.

New York Beverage will deliver all the ice you need, as well as soda, water, and beer.

Let Audiostiles create an iPod mix to create exactly the right atmosphere.
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Cocktails in the Country (For bartenders and wannabes)
Dr. Cocktail
Mixology 101
The Museum of the American Cocktail
New York Bartending School

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