intersection 11.26.07

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They don't make 'em like Liz Callaway any more: there aren't a lot of singers left who embody the warm, brassy sound of Broadway in every note and inflection. So, yes, there's a sense of the Jurassic in the room. But life, too. Catch Callaway through December 2 at the Metropolitan Room.

Le Labo, 233 Elizabeth [Houston/Prince] 212.219.2230, true to its name, mixes up its signature scents, ten in all, right in front of you at the time of purchase. Distinctive, fabulous scents from familiar ingredients—orange blossom, vetiver, Grasse rose—thanks to the alchemy of its owners, who used to work for Armani fragrances. $50 for 0.5 fl oz.

Exclusively from Brooklyn's Blue Ribbon General Store, 365 State [Bond] 718.522.9848, come these coasters imprinted with a map of Brooklyn. $38.

the neiman marcus toll house…taking off…music in the air.

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