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Personal Photo Editor

Photoshop can only take you so far. When you have boxes and boxes of photos or your hard drive is bulging with digital images, what you really need is an editor.

Maria Bunai is a photography editor who has worked at Time, AOL, and National Geographic. She's just launched her new venture, Maria Bunai Pictures, which puts her eye at your service. Whether you need someone to create an album, a slideshow, or a video keepsake, Ms. Bunai can give coherence to your stockpiles and create the perfect memento, gift, or even a documentary of, say, the nonagenarian in your life.

It's hard to give any definite prices, since the work varies so much with each project, but figure a couple hundred dollars for a simple editing job up to a couple of thousand for a personal documentary.

For details or an estimate, contact Ms. Bunai at or at 646.418.9911.

Let drunken revelers pack the pubs in their off-the-rack rubber masks — you've get better things to do on All Hallow's Eve. Dances of Vice, the roving uptown/downtown/underground 1920s cabaret, is moving its ops to Brooklyn's swellegant Montauk Club for a Halloween Murder Mystery Ball. Come dressed to kill - literally - as DOV devotees tend toward high glamour, and expect an evening of sinister intrigue and gin-soaked live entertainment from a bygone era. All for just $13. 10/31 at 9pm. 25 Eighth Ave. [Lincoln Pl.] Bklyn 718.638.0800. [Photo: Steven Rosen]

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