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Pet Services

Two Dogs and a Goat
Here's what distinguishes Two Dogs and a Goat, 212.213.6979, from many other pet care businesses around town: When owner Charlotte Reed noticed that the company was getting more calls for bird care, she decided to install an aviary of finches in her own home so she could study and understand birds better. Ms. Reed, who has a law degree and was a former securities compliance officer, has also become a nationally recognized pet expert. Seeing many overweight pets, she began a 'diet walk' that mixes walking with running, followed by a massage. And as more older pets became clients, she developed holistic home visits that are longer, involve soothing music, and massage. A walk during the day is $16.25, more for weekends, nights, and holidays.

Blue Sky Dogs
Adventure travel is nothing new but adventure travel for dogs…now there's a niche in the market. Blue Sky Dogs, 212.531.3647, offers dog and owner adventure days and weekends. The next event is a trip to the River Run B & B in the Catskills, March 19th-21st. The package costs between $250-$335, which includes two nights double occupancy, breakfasts, and guided hike and lunch. Dinner, additional activities, and transportation are extra.

Leashes and Lovers
We have a friend who is convinced that dogs think of their "owners" as their 'Big Thing' since they never think of themselves as owned and rarely know their owner's name. So, Leashes and Lovers is more for the Big Things than the dogs. It's a nice idea started by two pet lovers (one of whom met her future husband walking her dog in Central Park), that organizes events specifically for dog lovers. The next is on February 17th from 7-9:30pm. Check the website for more info or email here.

They're off their meds again over at Daily Candy. Surely, surely there is something in this wide world to write about of more interest than an online penguin-smacking game. Before you tell us to lighten up, here's a hilarious fact: 40,000 penguins die each year along the coast of Argentina as a result of oil pollution. And many of the penguin species are threatened with extinction — what a laugh riot! You can help save the penguins by donating to the Environmental Research Unit.

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