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Photo Organizer

Pretty safe bet: you've got boxes of photos, somewhere, that you're going to get to, someday. And if you don't have boxes of photos, you've got thousands of digital images that will be, before long, tens of thousands. Either way, it's a mess.

Help has arrived. Her name is Isabelle Dervaux, an artist and illustrator who has worked for many major magazines and advertising agencies. She has the eye. She also has the organizing skills to turn all that disorder into pleasing packages and coherent narratives.

Whether you have old Kodak memories or iPhoto overload, slides of your grandparents' travels or 8mm movies, Ms. Dervaux will work with any or all of them to create something personal and meaningful to you. She can also design a video or slideshow for a birthday, anniversary or rehearsal dinner. The children's albums she assembles are often mixes of photographs and artwork.

Ms. Dervaux says, "I do private consultations to jumpstart families who want to do it themselves. I will coach them to get their projects accomplished giving them a step-by-step plan to get it done. This way I hold them accountable so the project can get finished."

Costs depend very much on the scope of the work but it's $250 for a consultation, a straight photo organization of ten hours is $950. Larger (and longer) projects can run into the thousands. It's an investment, but using the what-would-I-grab-in-case-of-a-fire test, there aren't many things more valuable than memories of family and friends spanning time, space and generations.

Watch a short video about Ms. Dervaux and her work here.

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