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One of our favorite photographers, James Casebere, has a new exhibition of works at the Sean Kelly Gallery, 528 W. 29th [10th/11th] 212.239.1181, through December 6.

Mr. Casebere creates models of rooms, some based on real interiors (Monticello, a Sienese palazzo), and then photographs the stripped-down spaces, devoid of people. What emerges are evanescent dreamscapes of plaster, water, and light that appear to have been excavated from the subconscious.

The fences around Bryant Park are lined with digital photos, the result of project begun last May when 25,000 photographers shot over one million images for a series of books called America 24/7. On the fences are some of the best of those images, chronicling a week in the life of the nation. Through November 10.

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