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Pimp My Loo

Toilet Brush
Vipp of Denmark only makes a few things, but what they make is fab. Their toilet brush is available from Unica Home. $200.

Gyro Cabinet
We love the 'gyratory cabinet' from The Conran Shop, 407 E. 59th [1st] 212.755.9079, that's a mirror on one side, and eight shelves on the other. It's $390, temporarily out of stock.

Drain Stopper
From Mxyplyzyk, 125 Greenwich Ave. [W. 13th] 212.989.4300, the Help Drain Stopper — for those who enjoy a little perverse bathroom humor. The store insists that the drain stoppers are just lending a helping hand. $6, available in five colors.

Body Buffer
You'll get about 30 showers-worth from the body buffer, a sponge that's been infused with scent. Available at one of our favorite stores, In the Bathroom, 94 Charles [Bleecker] 212.929.1449, $28.

Mod Walls
Glass tiles with a mid-century modern vibe are available from Mod Walls.

Toothbrush Holder
At Simons Hardware, 421 3rd [29th/30th] 212.532.9220, a ceramic toothbrush holder from Samuel Heath is $76. (It's on their site under bath accessories).

Vintage Scale
Restoration Hardware, 935 Bway [21st/22nd] 212.260.9479, sells this vintage scale, $595, online and via their catalogue only.

Rubber Duckies
Why settle for a yellow bathtub duck when CelebriDucks has so many other options: The Osbournes, Snoop Dogg, and Moses, to name a few. $11.99.

Is it worth $13,780? That's your call, but the Chiocciola (snail) shower is pretty cool-looking. Available from, where else?,

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