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Pink Chicken

"I think they are adorable…pretty without being cutesy!" was what Isabelle's mom said when we asked her to look at the kids clothes by Pink Chicken.

That's what we thought. Pink Chicken was started by Stacey Lavalle Fraser, a fashion industry vet who took some time off to raise her two children. Well, you can take the designer out of Seventh Avenue…

What emerged during her hiatus were dresses, diaper covers, and bibs. A pink chicken was born. Here's a list of where to find the clothes.
In response to our article on Jury Duty Lunches, readers weighed in with dozens more great suggestions. Here are some of them.

Bo Ky, 80 Bayard [Mulberry/Mott] 212.406.2292. Its bowls of pho are Chinatown's cheapest ($5.25) and best. The curry seafood flat noodle is off the menu and costs an extra quarter, but provides daydream fodder in sensory-deprived courtrooms.

You must add here Saigon Banh Mi. It's a strange little place at 138 Mott [Grand/Hester] 212.941.1541. The storefront is a little jewelry store — if it's the first time you've been there, you think you're in the wrong place, then you notice a little lunch counter in the back where two people are making Banh Mi, absolutely fabulous Vietnamese BBQ pork sandwiches. They're unbelievably tasty (get them spicy), could easily feed two, and are around $3 - nuff said.

Bo Luc Lac (beef cubes with white rice) at New Pasteur, 85 Baxter [Bayard/Walker] 212.608.3656. Yum.

With all due respect to Joe's Shanghai, New Green Bo, 66 Bayard [Eliz/Mott] 212.625.2359, has the best soup dumplings.

Salt-pepper pork chops at Oriental Garden, 14 Elizabeth [Bayard/Canal] 212.619.0085, oysters in XO sauce and seafood fried rice at Ping's, 22 Mott [Bayard/Pell] 212.602.9988, house special chicken at Congee Village, 100 Allen [Delancey] 212.941.1818

Bonbon Chicken, 98 Chambers [Church/Bway] 212.227.2375

The last time I was on jury duty, I headed for: New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe, 65 Bayard [Mott] 212.566.4884. Their great dumplings took some of the edge off the tedium.

One of my favorites that wasn't listed is the laksa (a curry noodle soup) at Jaya Malaysian Restaurant, 90 Baxter [White/Walker] 212.219.3331

[Several readers wrote in about Pakistani Tea House. Their comments are combined]
You've got to include the Pakistani Tea House at 176 Church [Duane/Reade] 212.240.9800, a favorite of mine when civic duty calls. Made to order naan bread straight from the tandoori oven to your plate. Very inexpensive…Great samosas, veggie & meat options for under $6!…It's good, inexpensive, and filling.

[Same drill for Big Wong]
Big Wong, 67 Mott [Bayard/Canal] has the best barbequed and roast meats at extremely low prices…Don't forget Big Wong for dumpling/noodle soups with assorted toppings and great ribs…The best wonton soup.

Blue Spoon, 76 Chambers [Church/Bway] 212.619.7230, is a tiny coffeehouse right near the courthouses on a fairly unsavory, fast-food-loving, discount store block. Free WiFi, and proper cafe latte in an unlikely spot. They deserve some press.

You should add to your list Nam Wah Tea Parlor, 13 Doyers [Pell/Bowery] 212.962-6047, for dim sum — this is the original and oldest tea parlor in Chinatown.

The "over rice" dishes (~$4) at New Green Bo
5 fried dumplings for $1 (and most everything else) at Tasty Dumpling
Sandwiches at the Italian Food Center, 186 Grand [Mulberry] 212.925.2951, (to go only)
The best of all: Oriental Garden Seafoodfor all kinds of fish (swimming in tanks) and great shellfish.

Fried Dumpling, 106 Mosco [Mott/Mulberry] 212.693.1060. I know that everybody debates where the best dumplings are in Chinatown, but this place is one of the best, and close to the courthouse.

When on Jury Duty, I always go to Mandarin Court, 61 Mott [Canal/Bayard] 212.608.3838, especially for their excellent dim sum.

For vegetarian, definitely: House of Vegetarian, 68 Mott [Canal/Bayard] 212.226.6572.

Best jury duty lunch: 
 with the 2 hours they give you back of your life, stroll over to Walkers on 16 N. Moore [Varick] 212.941.0142.

For something a bit fancier, the French Culinary Institute (L'Ecole, 462 Bway [Grand] 212.219.3300) has a lovely lunch if you have a long enough time. I went there while on Jury Duty a few weeks ago!

The cafeteria in the Federal Court House. If someone is in the court system, it's an easy and cheap place to eat in a very nice atmosphere. It even has a terrace that can be used when the weather is good.

Sophie's Cuban, 96 Chambers [Church/Bway] 212.608.9900. Delicious rice and beans, best chicken soup, cuban sandwiches, etc.

I used to work at the DA's office … my favorite was chicken and broccoli with white sauce on rice at Excellent Dumpling House, 111 Lafayette [Walker/Canal] 212.219.0212

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