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We Depend on Your Support!

MUG's editorial policy from the beginning (in 1992!) was: no money, gifts, swag or anything for inclusion. No thank-you gifts. Nothing. That's never changed.

This part did change: MUG became reader-supported in 2013. That support is entirely voluntary but if you MUG find useful, or interesting, or fun, we hope you'll kick in to keep it coming.

There is no advertising within MUG or as a separate 'dedicated' email. No pay-to-play. We write about what we think will interest readers. End of story.

We love creating MUG every day for you and we're so grateful to have readers who are as passionate about this city as we are.

Your contribution (not tax-deductible) will allow us to keep the lights on. If you have not done so this year, please support MUG.

Charlie Suisman

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