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Order croissants from My Boulangerie and you'll get dough which you let thaw and rise overnight at room temperature. Then bake. Similar drills for brioches, even Proust's beloved madeleines. There are desserts available and seasonal items, too. So even if you didn't grow up with the smell of warm croissants or the taste of a madeleine, the goods from My Boulangerie might just convince you otherwise.

We've long thought the Gotham Gazette the best place online for New York news and policy. Good content doesn't come cheap, so they're asking for donations. Support their excellent work here.

From a reader: I just received today's MUG email in my inbox and I think it's a wonderful selection of ways to help others. One comment though, in the Organ and Tissue Donation section, you left off blood donation! It's an easy donation that can be done pre-mortem as opposed to post-mortem organ donation. And NY makes it really easy with lots of locations. NY Blood Center

Now that is a face. More of the furry Friends of Union Square Dog Run in their 2008 calendar. $15.

Oh, yes, please—we'd like several boxes of the peanut butter cup collection from Peanut Butter and Co., 240 Sullivan [Bleecker/W. 3rd] 212.677.3995. An assortment of dark, milk, and white chocolates with peanut butter filling, and an "inside out" variety is $15.

From a reader: A small NYC outpost of the popular Hungarian bakery Andre's recently opened on the UES, 1631 2nd [84th/85th] 212.327.1105. Excellent and authentic (from one who grew up with a Hungarian grandma's cooking) and an excellent bakery.

ginger and spice…birth of the music video…wego.


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