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"One Thanksgiving, Julie (a product designer) and her mother, Inna (a fabulous cook) took turns crushing garlic cloves."

Since garlic presses hadn't evolved much in decades, an idea was born for a better garlic crusher. And that led to the NYC company called Prepara, which makes stylish and very handy tools for the kitchen.

So far, they've come out with a tri-blade peeler, a great-looking paper towel holder, a cookbook holder with a splashguard screen, and an 'herb-savor' which keeps herbs fresh for up to three weeks (pictured). They also make water-resistant salt and paper mills, and ice cream 'power scoop,' and a sleeve for ice cream pints that keeps dessert well-chilled (think picnics, though maybe not today). You can find the products from dealers listed here.

As for that better garlic crusher, it's not available yet, but it's on the way.

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