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Project Morry
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A terrific organization to know about: Project Morry.

Its focus is youth development, with a key component being a free, residential summer camp in the Catskills for inner-city kids that emphasizes education and personal development. Project Morry operates all year, though, with monthly gatherings for underserved children to help identify goals and overcome obstacles.

The idea for Project Morry came from Morry Stein, the late director of Camp Echo Lake in Warrensburg, NY, who wanted to give children whose families would otherwise be unable to afford it, the chance to have the summer camp experience. In 1970, he began a week-long scholarship camp program at Echo Lake. As the funds for a permanent organization began to coalesce in 1994, Mr. Stein was killed in a plane crash. As a tribute, family, friends, and colleagues created Morry's Camp the next year, which evolved into Project Morry by 2007.

Their annual Autumn Gala on November 13 is sold out but you can support the organization by donating cash or giving items to their Wish or Needs Lists.


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