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Sometimes the simplest ideas really are the best.

And in simplest terms, Publicolor "engages disaffected teenage students in their education by involving them in adding color to all the public spaces in their schools." Which is another way of saying, have you been in some of our city's public schools lately? If you had to be in these cheerless environments day in and out, you'd probably find yourself disaffected, too.

You can join them in one of their painting projects, be part of their mentoring program, or ante up for their April 14th fundraiser Stir Splatter and Roll, which takes place at Martin Luther King, Jr. High School on Amsterdam [65th/66th]. Not your usual fundraiser: you'll paint before you eat (alongside top designers, artists, and architects), jumpsuits provided, $250 to be part of it. You don't need to be a high, ahem, roller, to help out. Donations of any amount are welcome. And you'll enjoy their website – it's one of the most imaginative we've come across in a long time.


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