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Putting Your Feet Up

laptop trays
From Rain Design,sleek Mac and PC laptop stands that keep the heat away from you and improve ergonomics. Also, check out LapDawg.

There are gazillions of armchairs out there and there's one that's got your posterior's name on it. But here's one beauty you may not have seen: In 1960, Danish designer Hans J. Wegner sketched an easy chair that was never put into production. Until now. Called CH_445, it's available now from Room and Board and Suite NY.

What's the point of putting up your feet if you have to get up unnecessarily? CNEThas the rundown on universal remotes.

Of course, putting up your feet is all about the Ottomans. One neat idea for an ottoman is this one from BoConcept that turns into a single bed. However, we're not wild about the fabrication when you see it in person.

Toffee Crunch DrizzleCorn. Southwest Cheddar Chipotle. Chocolate Chunk N'Caramel. We never expected a comeback from the late gourmet popcorn genre, but here it is: Dale and Thomas. Two NYC locations.

Netflix can handle most of your movie-watching needs. But when you want to find some of the more obscure choices that Netflix doesn't handle, check out Facets.

Everything's Gone Green
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