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Questions We Can't Answer

Q: Can you recommend an inexpensive car service for the airport?
A: No. First, it just isn't reasonable to expect a car service to be less expensive than a cab. Second, even if you find a cheap car service that's good for a while, inevitably there will come a day when they let you down. Third, pickups at the airport aren't cost-effective for low-end car services, since you never really know exactly when you're going to be leaving baggage claim. Our advice: unless you or your company is paying for a truly reliable (and therefore expensive) car service, cab it or take public transportation.

Q: Why does W. 4th Street intersect with W. 12th?
A: This is a disturbing reality that all New Yorkers must internalize and accept. Once you have come to terms with it, you are a New Yorker.

Q: Where's a good place to have a party?
A: The problem here is the sheer number of venue choices, factoring in taste, budget, location, and purpose of the party. Are you celebrating the fact that you got a record deal or that Aunt Bettina passed a stone? MUG can't keep up with all the venues but one company, Bizbash, does. Even though they're geared toward event planners, you can still browse through their extensive database for venues, caterers, and other party resources.

Q: How about a list of handymen?
A: If only. There aren't, alas, legions of handymen waiting around for your call to install bookshelves or fix a leak. In fact, there are very few available who would satisfy MUG requirements for skill, reliability, and availability. People with those skills work full-time for landlords or others who can provide them with a steady paycheck. Having said that, the handyman service NY City Stuff has a lot of fans.

Q: I saw an Elmhurst Dairy milk carton that had 'Misuse of this crate liable to prosecution' on it. Has anyone actually been prosecuted for misusing a crate, whatever that would entail?
A: No, not to our knowledge. But you can get a ticket.

Q: Why is Page Six never on page six?
A: For the same reason that Park Avenue Liquors is on Madison.

The Seagull
This much-lauded transfer from London's Royal Court, in previews now at the Walter Kerr, turns out to be as clear-eyed and warm-hearted a production as you're likely to see of Chekhov's play. Under Ian Rickson's direction, Kristin Scott Thomas (Arkadina), Mackenzie Crook (Konstantin), Carey Mulligan (Nina), and Zoe Kazan (Masha) all turn in luminous performances. The exception is Peter Sarsgaard (Trigorin), who seems to have drifted in from a Lanford Wilson play. Still, the production should not be missed.

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