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Kai, 822 Mad [68th/69th] 212.988.7277. This exquisite Japanese newcomer is small, minimalist, and peaceful.

Flotation Tank
A little sensory deprivation may be just the thing to restore your equilibrium. At La Casa Day Spa, 41 E. 20th [Park Ave. S./Bway] 212.673.2272, an hour in the tank is $50.

For our money, Wave Hill, 675 W. 252nd St., Bronx, 718.549.3200, is the most beautiful spot in the five boroughs. Mark Twain, Teddy Roosevelt, and Toscanini all lived here. The gardens, woods, lawns, and views of the Hudson are incredibly restorative.

Sound Machine
The Sharper Image has a sound machine (it's also a CD player/alarm clock/radio) for $229.95. There are 20 soothing sounds, including 'fireside', 'Yosemite Falls', and 'ebb tide'.

Two specialists are Apple Architectural Windows, 212.643.0080, and CitiQuiet, 212.874.5362,
To complain
For immediate noise problems: call your local police precinct to report the complaint. Precinct phone numbers are here:

For ongoing noise problems, call the NYC Department of Environmental Protection at 718.337.4357.

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