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Y'all are gluttons for punishment, apparently. But, since you asked for it, here's our now-monthly feature, the NY trivia quiz.

Q. What year did the Roosevelt tram open? a) 1968 b) 1971 c) 1976
A. c) 1976

Q. What does CBGB's stand for?
A. Country Blue Grass Blues. The full name was CBGB & OMFUG: Country Blue Grass Blues & Other Music for Uplifting Gormandizers.

Q. "She runs the gamut of emotions from A to B." Who said it and who was the actress being criticized?
A. Dorothy Parker said it about Katharine Hepburn.

Q. Which fashion designer's name did Omarosa have trouble pronouncing?
A. Isaac Mizrahi

Q. Louie Lump Lump, recently sentenced to 15 years, whacked the guy at Rao's last year because a) the guy didn't show no respect for the lemon chicken b) the guy didn't show no respect to the lady who was singin' c) the guy didn't show no respect to Louie on account of calling him 'Chump Chump.'
A. b) The guy didn't show no respect to the lady who was singin'

Q. Which mayor of New York is/was the son of a bookkeeper at a dairy?
A. Mayor Bloomberg

Q. Tender Buttons is the shop devoted to buttons on the Upper East Side. But from the work of which writer does the shop take its name?
A. Gertrude Stein

Q. She has directed and choreographed in recent years: The Producers, The Music Man, Contact, Steel Pier, and currently, The Frogs. Who is she?
A. Susan Stroman

Q. Manhattan is how wide at its widest point? a) 2.3 miles b) 2.9 miles c) 3.3 miles
A. a) 2.3 miles

Q. Which New York chef claims to have invented the molten chocolate cake?
A. Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Q. What was the name of JFK Airport before it was JFK?
A. Idlewild
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