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Quiz: After Dark

MUG's occasional quiz, skewed after dark. We'll publish the answers on the MUG website at 1pm.

Q: The first light on top of the Empire State Building was a beacon announcing the election of a president. Which one? a) FDR b) Truman c) JFK d) LBJ

Q: At what hour does Central Park close?
A: 1am

Q: The movie Saturday Night Fever was based on an article from which magazine?
A: New York magazine

Q: Who wrote the lyric "I want to wake up in the city that never sleeps"?
A: Fred Ebb

Q: Chrome, Art Deco, Chelsea, once open 24 hours (now with a demure 1am closing), John DeLucie in the kitchen. Name the eatery.
A: Empire Diner

Q: The first midnight showing of this movie was April 2, 1976 at the Waverley Theater. The flick?
Rocky Horror Picture Show

Q: This club has been on Avenue A for nearly 40 years. Nirvana and the Red Hot Chili Peppers played their first local gigs there. Name it.
A: Pyramid Club

Q: Colin Harrison's 1996 noir book Manhattan Nocturne was turned into the movie Manhattan Night last year, starring this actor.
A: Adrien Brody

Q: Which museum has sleepovers for kids?
A: Museum of Natural History

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