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Our monthly quiz. As usual, answers will be posted on the MUG website after 3pm.

Q: The first Chock Full o'Nuts store opened in 1926 at Broadway and 43rd. What did they sell?
A: Nuts

Q: Name of the 25-year-old who is the new Observer owner? a) J. Clydesdale Cushman b) Tony Kushner c) Jared Kushner d) Jared Leto e) Letitia Baldrige f) Phylicia Ayers-Allen
A: Jared Kushner

Q: What Manhattan neighborhood is Collister Street in?
A: Tribeca

Q: Which avenue was known as the Book Row of America?
A: Fourth Avenue

Q: This writer was born in 1931 in New York, was raised in the Bronx, and first reached prominence in 1971 when The Book of Daniel was published. Name him/her.
A: E. L. Doctorow

Q: Lorna Simpson: a) Brooklyn-born, first female to pilot a DC-10? b) Brooklyn-born artist? c) Brooklyn-born, first female chef to earn four stars from the Times? d) Brooklyn-born yodeling World Champ 2006?
A: Brooklyn-born artist

Q: He has been counsel on landmark cases, including the Pentagon Papers, and is surely the best known First Amendment attorney in the country. His son has just become the general manager of MSNBC. His name?
A: Floyd Abrams

Q: The first NYC Marathon in 1970 had how many runners participate? a) 127 b) 812 c) 1140
A: 127

Q: What was the highest office held by Daniel Tompkins, for whom Tompkins Square Park was named?
A: Vice President

Q: What name was Meryl Streep born with?a) Mary Louise Streep b) Meryl Streep c) Consuela Fernandez d) Geertje Henkel e) Lotte Simkowicz
A: Mary Louise Streep

THANK you for the Hyundai snark. Damn commercial made me want to vomit. What's next, a handsome, quippy commercial airline pilot who demonstrates how easily he multi-tasks with his Blackberry and his satellite-powered razor while his plane's being hijacked?

Getting Organized
You left off a good resource for getting organized, the book Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui…and all the ancillary business — like private 'space clearing' consultations — that have grown out of the book.

Email and ToDo lists are the most difficult to keep organized in my life. I recommend you look at Gootodo. This site is low cost and simple. He has some great thoughts on keeping your inbox in control, too.

Parking Garage Guide
Thanks for the info on MUG about garages. Benjamin Sann is a god! I'm naming my next kitten 'Sann'.

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