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Quiz - Conde Nast Edition

Q: Which was the first magazine title in Condé Nast's empire?
A: Vogue

Q: She's the longtime editor-in-chief of Architectural Digest.
a) Elaine Joyce
b) Elaine Paige
c) Paige Rense
d) Renzo Piano
e) Moms Mabley
A: Paige Rense (though it would've been fun to have seen Moms Mabley guest edit A.D.)

Q: Which one of these titles does CN publish?
a) Cake
b) Cookie
c) Pudding
d) Dessert
e) Rehab
A: Cookie

Q: Which has more subscribers, Gourmet or Bon Appétit?
A: Bon App

Q: The company says this forthcoming title will "change the way you look at business." Its name?
a) Assets
b) Downsize
c) Outsource
d) Portfolio
A: Portfolio

Q: Nast was born in 1874 in what city?
a) New York
b) Paris
c) Copenhagen
d) Milwaukee
A: New York

Q: GQ editor Art Cooper suffered a stroke in 2003 while having lunch at which landmark restaurant?
A: The Four Seasons

Q: The company's chairman, Si Newhouse, has banned what from CN's cafeteria?
a) garlic
b) coconut
c) foie gras
A: garlic

Q: When Vanity Fair stopped publishing in 1936, it became part of another magazine. Which one?
A: Vogue

Q: The editor-in-chief of which mag has an official bio that says she's "a surfer, drag racer and martini shaker who can change her own oil, thanks."
a) Self
b) Glamour
c) Golf for Women
d) Jane
A: Jane

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