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Quiz - Crime Edition

Our monthly quiz.

Q: The Plug Uglies and the Dead Rabbits were gangs associated with what murderous neighborhood?
A: Five Points. [A reader sent us this link, which suggests that the Plug Uglies operated in Baltimore and not New York, contrary to popular belief]

Q: Which NYC restaurant, associated with George Washington, was also the site of a 1975 lunchtime bombing by the terrorist group F.A.L.N.?
A: Fraunces Tavern

Q: Where was Tammany Hall located?
A: East 14th [3rd/Irving]

Q: Two Vice Presidents have shot people. Name them.
A: Aaron Burr, Dick Cheney.

Q: In what year was John Lennon murdered?
a) 1975 b) 1980 c) 1985
A: 1980

Q: Winston Moseley stabbed her on the night of March 13, 1964 in Kew Gardens. Who was she?
A: Kitty Genovese

Q: Looking for Mr. Goodbar, the Diane Keaton/Richard Gere movie (based on the Judith Rossner novel) is based on a true incident that happened in which part of town?
a) Upper East Side b) Upper West Side c) The West Village
A: Upper West Side

Q: The Audubon Ballroom was the site of an assassination. Who was the victim?
A: Malcolm X

Q: Mob boss Paul Castellano was murdered outside which steak house?
a) The Palm b) Peter Luger c) Sparks d) Smith & Wollensky
A: Sparks


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