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Q: In "The Sopranos" opening credits, Tony is driving from NY to NJ. Which bridge or tunnel does he take?
A: Lincoln Tunnel

Q: Two Irish immigrants started making house paint in a small Brooklyn building in 1883. The company made a profit in its first year, though one brother left and another brother joined. The paint is still being made under the first brother's name. What is it?
A: Benjamin Moore

Q: Karen O, Nicolas Zinner, Brian Chase are better known as what band?
A: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Q: It was originally called Flying Foods, a company that provided wholesale service to the city's restaurants. In 1992, they opened a Soho warehouse that offered these food items to the public after the restaurant deliveries were done. What's the store?
A: Gourmet Garage

Q: It's always something at the docks, huh? Who directed "On the Waterfront"? a) Eli Yale b) Elia Kazan c) Elijah Wood d) Norbert Elias e) Yvonne Elliman
A: Elia Kazan

Q: He's the only person ever to hold every rank in the NYPD. Name him.
A: Commissioner Raymond Kelly

Q: Where is U Thant Island?
A: In the East River

Q: Out: Joseph Volpe…In: Peter Gelb. Where?
A: At the Metrolpolitan Opera

Q: Strivers Row is the name of the new book by Kevin Baker. It's also the name given to two beautiful Harlem streets. Which ones?
A: W. 138th and 139th [ACP/Fred Douglass]

Q: Surviving employees of Windows on the World recently opened a new restaurant. What's the name?
A: Colors

Q: The Pajama Game is back on Broadway. Who choreographed the original production? (250 Bonus Points: what Oscar-winning actress was in the dancing chorus of that production?)
A: Bob Fosse (Bonus: Shirley MacLaine)

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