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Quiz - Foodie Edition

Today's monthly quiz is all about the food world. As usual, answers will be posted on the MUG website after 3pm.

Q: What kind of noodle is the specialty of Honmura An?
A: Soba (buckwheat)

Q: Among his credits, three stars for the River Cafe, Park Avenue Cafe, creating pastrami salmon. a) David Burke b) David Glass c) David Liederman
A: David Burke

Q: He was the first chef to pose nude in a national magazine (Playgirl, 2003). Who is he? a) John Villa b) Tyler Florence c) Aaron Sanchez
A: John Villa

Q: What restaurant was in the space that is now Little Owl?
A: Chez Michellat

Q: This French chef earned three Michelin stars faster than any other chef in history, has been called 'the chef of the century,' and is opening a restaurant August 8th at the Four Seasons Hotel in what was Fifty Seven Fifty Seven. Name him.
A: Joël Robuchon

Q: He/she won Bravo's Top Chef. a) Tiffani Faison b) Lee Anne Wong c) Harold Dieterle
A: Harold Dieterle

Q: NY's most expensive restaurant?
A: Masa, which starts at $350 per person.

Q: Where was Gambino godfather Big Paul Castellano whacked?
A: In front of Sparks Steakhouse.

Q: Who or what is AvroKO?
A: Firm that has designed The Stanton Social, Sapa, Quality Meats, Public, among others.

Q: They wrote On The Town in New York, a classic history of food, drink, and entertainment. a) David and Karen Waltuck b) Michael and Ariane Batterberry c) Chauncey Howell and Katie Kelly
A: Michael and Ariane Batterberry

Q: Chef: Gabrielle Hamilton.
A: Restaurant: Prune

Q: Match the editor-in-chief with the magazine: a) Dana Cowin b) Barbara Fairchild c) Ruth Reichl…1) Bon Appetit 2) Food and Wine 3) Gourmet
A: a/2, b/1, c/3

Q: Chinese Mirch is Manhattan's first restaurant to serve the hybrid cuisine of Chinese food and what?
A: Indian
Kombucha Wonder Drink
Our favorite beverage this summer is Kombucha Wonder Drink, a line of 'sparkling Himalayan tonics.' Kombucha is a process involving tea and a starter culture. It's said to bring healthy benefits, but we just think these drinks taste great. We're especially partial to the Asian Pear Ginger that's made from oolong tea. Available at Whole Foods and elsewhere.

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