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MUG's monthly quiz. Answers will be posted on the website after 3pm.

Q: City Bank of NY, the original name for Citibank, opened with $2 million in the till. What year? a) 1888 b) 1812 c) 1903
A: 1812

Q: She was born Katherine Noel Brosnahan and she's now one of the top fashion accessory designers. Who is she?
A: Kate Spade

Q: The Mets may hire Puerto Rican first basemen Carlos Delgado. Delgado was involved in a minor controversy last year having to do with the song "God Bless America" — what was it?
A: He wouldn't stand during its singing to protest the war in Iraq.

Q: "Again…Step, kick, kick, leap, kick, touch…" are the instructions at the top of the opening number to what musical, for which revivals plans were recently announced?
A:A Chorus Line

Q: Masayoshi Takayama has something that he shares professionally with only five other NY businesses. What?
A: Four stars (for the restaurant Masa) from the NY Times.

Q: Born in Italy in 1784, this philanthropist who fought for the rights of his fellow Jews, has a hospital in the city named for him. He was, for a time, the sheriff of the City of London and he was knighted by Queen Victoria. Who is he?
A: Moses Haim Montefiore

Q: Before Bloomberg was Giuliani. Before Giuliani, Dinkins. Before Dinkins, Koch. Who was mayor before Koch?
A: Abe Beame

Q: Joe and Rachelle Friedman founded this store in 1971. (Hint: the answer is in their first names).
A: J & R Music World

Q: Named for the first published work of fiction by Gertrude Stein, author Michael Cunningham calls it "one of the greatest bookstores on the face of the earth." Its name?
A: Three Lives

Q: During the planning phase of Rockefeller Center, what NYC institution was expected to make its new home there (though, in the end, did not)?
A: The Metropolitan Opera

Q: September, 1882 has the distinction of being the wettest calendar month since records were kept in NYC. How many inches of rain did we get?
A: 16.85 inches
We wrote yesterday that the book Cloud Atlas had won the Booker prize. That's wrong: it was short-listed but lost to another great book — Alan Hollinghurst's The Line of Beauty.

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