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Our monthly quiz.

Q: The Time Warner Center has a large light sculpture (known as the 'Prow Sculpture') installed in the 'glass wing' of the building at its southeast corner. The lights change, giving the viewer information. What do the lights tell you? a) the weather forecast b) the Time Warner stock price c) the time d) the terrorist alert level
A: The time

Q: This carbonated beverage was first produced in 1869 by a doctor treating kids on the LES. It has been called "Jewish champagne" and it's still produced today.
A: Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray Soda

Q: Born in Jamaica (Kingston, not Queens), this Knicks player has been named an NBA All-Star 11 times, and voted one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History. Who is he?
A: Patrick Ewing

Q: Which fashion designer, an FIT grad who was named Womenswear Designer of the Year in 1999, who has done 13 collections for Celine, is also a judge on "Project Runway"? a) Michael Kors b) John Galliano c) Tom Ford d) Betsey Johnson
A: Michael Kors

Q: What was "Moose Murders"?
A: Infamous Broadway flop that closed opening night.

Q: Name the city's largest park.
A: Pelham Bay Park

Q: The Tom's Diner of the Suzanne Vega song is the same one used in exterior shots on Seinfeld (called Monk's on the show). True or false?
A: True

Q: Businessman Ronald Lauder and art dealer Serge Sabarsky were the two major forces behind which museum that opened in 2001?
A: Neue Galerie

Q: On Jamaica Avenue, Queens, Michael Cullen opened this store on August 4, 1930, the first of its kind in the country. What was the store and what was its claim to fame?
A: King Kullen, the country's first supermarket

Q: In what borough is the Paerdegat Basin neighborhood? Extra points: what does Paerdegat mean?
A: Brooklyn (the name means "horse gate" in Dutch)
Michael Wolff
Michael Wolff achieved the seemingly impossible last night on Larry King Live. He was so nasty and at the same time so insanely incoherent on the James Frey controversy that it made him less sympathetic than Frey himself. Congratulations, Michael!

Reader Mail
Re: Floor Refinishing
-Just wanted to point out that bamboo floors are a great alternative to hardwood floors. Bamboo's a rapidly renewable resource, has the strength of steel (twice the hardness of red oak), and cheaper than hardwood. Comes in the same tongue-and-groove module as wood floors (anyone can install it), several grain patterns and colors to choose from. The industry's still making innovations, so expect even more choice in the future. Manufacturers to check out: Plyboo, Bamtex, Teragren .

Re: Travel deal in yesterday's Up Next column
-As a devoted reader of long standing, surely I know you nearly as well as you know yourself. And I know yourself wouldn't be caught dead at Atlantis in the Bahamas. The horror! Should this small lapse in judgment become a pattern, I'll insist we discuss it over lunch at the Olive Garden.

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