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Answers to today's quiz will be posted on the website after 3pm.

Q: On what street did Macy's originally open?
a) W. 14th b) Park Row c) E. 59th
A: W. 14th

Q: Only one president was born in NYC. Who?
A: Teddy Roosevelt

Q: David and Karen Waltuck are the husband-and-wife team behind which long-running restaurant?
a) Le Grenouille b) Gotham Bar & Grill c) Chanterelle
A: Chanterelle

Q: Former Governor Spitzer is now a columnist for what publication?
a) Wall Street Journal b) Slate c) The Economist d) Hustler e) Cooking Light
A: Slate

Q: They met at Forest Hills High in 1956 and began singing as "Tom and Jerry." Who is this singer-songwriter duo?
A: Simon and Garfunkel

Q: We've stripped these quotes of context, but guess who said them in the NY Times?
"Some of these things could gore a little bit of everybody's ox." (1998) "This thing is not going to stop until people start losing money. (1999) And from 1997, the Times wrote "___ said he made money by investing wisely."
A: Madoff

Q: In what borough is Owls Head Park?
A: Brooklyn

Q: He was a first baseman for the Brooklyn Dodgers and manager of the Mets when they won the '69 World Series. His name?
A: Gil Hodges

Q: Who was the first woman to win a Pulitzer for a play?
a) Wendy Wasserstein b) Marsha Norman c) Lillian Hellman d) Zona Gale
A: Zona Gale

Winter (especially winter during a recession) can be a hard time to love New York, which is why Improv Everywhere's 8th Annual No-Pants Subway Ride this Saturday could not be better timed. The event—a peaceful, pantsless flash mob bringing delight to a random train—is arguably the group's best-known stunt, but they pull a handful of "missions" like it all over the city each year. They film everything, and you can pick up four volumes of Improv Everywhere DVDs (each covering about 15 missions, with extras galore) for $20 each. Watching New Yorkers fall under their spell could make you fall in love with the city all over again. Order online here.

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