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Our monthly NYC trivia quiz. Answers will be posted on the website after 3pm. (Note: we've repeated the Rao's question from an old quiz for no other reason than we like it).

Q: What is the minimum amount of time conductors are supposed to leave subway doors open? a) 10 seconds b) 15 seconds c) 20 seconds
A: 10 seconds

Q: If you're in Keyspan Park, what are you (most likely) doing there?
A: Watching the Brooklyn Cyclones.

Q: He plays Lionel Essrog, the detective with Tourette's, in the film adaptation of Jonathan Lethem's Motherless Brooklyn, due out this year. Who? a) Ed Norton b) Kevin Spacey c) Bobby Cannavale
A: Ed Norton

Q: New York once had no Starbucks. Really. What was the last year of a Starbucksless NYC?
A: 1993

Q: Louie Lump Lump, now serving 15 years, whacked the guy at Rao's two years ago because a) the guy didn't show no respect for the lemon chicken b) the guy didn't show no respect to the lady who was singin' c) the guy didn't show no respect to Louie on account of calling him 'Chump Chump.'
A: The guy didn't show no respect to the lady who was singin'

Q: Madame Restell (1812-1878) was well-known in NY for her profession. What was it?
A: Abortionist.

Q: New York Strip Steak is sometimes known by this Midwestern city's name. Which city is the pretender?
A: Kansas City

Q: She was born Catherine Conn. To Tell the Truth panelist. Married Moss Hart. Still kicking, looking fab. Her name?
A: Kitty Carlisle

Q: Before it was Verizon it was Bell Atlantic. Before it was Bell Atlantic it was NYNEX. Before it was NYNEX what was it?
A: New York Telephone

Q: You're walking on block-long Varkens Hook Road. In what borough are you a pedestrian?
A: Brooklyn

Q: She's the current editor of Gawker. a) Jessica Simpson b) Jessica Tandy c) Jessica Coen d) Jessica Fletcher e) Louise Fletcher f) Fletcher Knebel
A: Jessica Coen
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