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Our occasional MUG Quiz. Answers will be posted on our website after 3pm.

Q: Who famously said, "Can't anybody here play this game?" and what team was he referring to?
A: Mets manager Casey Stengel on the notoriously bad '62 team.

Q: Ben Van Leeuwen is the popular new kid in town. What's he selling?
a) cupcakes b) chocolate c) ice cream d) designer knockoffs
A: Ice cream

Q: In 1972, Radio City Music Hall has its first-ever pop music concert. Who is the performer?
a) Nilsson b) James Taylor c) Gilbert O'Sullivan d) Janis Joplin e) Don McLean
A: James Taylor

Q: "Give my regards to old Broadway/And say that I'll be there, 'ere long!" are the last two lines of the George M. Cohan song, but did you know there's a street in Manhattan that's actually called Old Broadway? What educational institution is it near?
a) City College b) Columbia c) NYU d) Pace
A: CCNY—it's between Bway and Amst, 131st to 133rd

Q: And on the subject of song, the musical Hair is back with us at the Delacorte. Which actress, who later went on to star in movies, was in the original cast?
a) Meryl Streep b) Shelley Winters c) Sigourney Weaver d) Diane Keaton
A: Diane Keaton

Q: When did the NY Times debut its Weekend section?
a) 1966 b) 1976 c) 1986 d) 1996
A: 1976

Q: There are three Eero Saarinen buildings in New York City. Name one. (10,000 point bonus if you can name all three.)
A:The TWA Terminal
The CBS Building
The Vivian Beaumont at Lincoln Center
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Q: Match the chef to the restaurant:
1) Dan Barber
2) Terrance Brennan
3) Gabrielle Hamilton
4) Daniel Humm
5) April Bloomfield

a) Prune
b) Eleven Madison
c) Blue Hill
d) Spotted Pig
e) Artisanal


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