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MUG's monthly quiz.

Q: Name of the bar now on West 40th Street that used to be underground at the 1/9 50th Street station?
A: Siberia

Q: Random House made news in 1934, less than a decade after its founding, defending its right to publish this in the U.S. a) Lady Chatterley's Lover b) Ulysses c) Leaves of Grass
A: Ulysses

Q: She played Reba the Mail Lady on "Pee-Wee's Playhouse," starred in HBO's "Lackawanna Blues," and is Lt. Anita Van Buren on "Law and Order." Who is she? a) S. Epatha Merkerson b) E. Mercator Packelson c) T. Paratha Kliperstoon
A: S. Epatha Merkerson

Q: The architect of MoMA's renovation? a) Yoji Yamaguchi b) Yoshio Taniguchi c) Miyoshi Umeki
A: Yoshio Taniguchi

Q: The area was once known as Prospect Hill as well as Paddy Corcoran's Roost (a gang hideout from the 1800s). It's also called a city within a city. What is it?
A: Tudor City

Q: Their first bakery opened in Flatbush in 1898. They've since sold 700 million loaves of their All Butter Loaf Cake. The brand name?
A: Entenmann's

Q: Rapper born Kimberly Jones in Bed-Stuy, she's on trial for perjury. Better known as?
A: Lil' Kim

Q: It was originally known as the National Union Life and Limb Insurance Company when it was founded in 1863 and it insured Civil War soldiers against war-related disabilities. What is the company called now?
A: MetLife

Q: Jeffrey Kalinsky of Atlanta brought his high-end store to downtown NY. What is it?
A: Jeffrey's

Q: If you're in the Spencer Estates neighborhood, what borough are you in?
A: The Bronx

Q: What's Mayor Bloomberg's middle name? a) Rubens b) Ernst c) Steen
A: Rubens

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