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MUG's monthly quiz. Answers will be posted after 3pm on our website.

Q: Match the chef to their old restaurant:
1. Thomas Keller 2. Tom Valenti 3. Jonathan Waxman
a. Cascabel b. Rakel c. Jams
A: 1b, 2a, 3c

Q: You know New York's old red-light district was called the Tenderloin. But where was it?
A: Roughly, 23rd Street to 42nd Street, 5th to 7th

Q: Which NYC band released a three-disc set called "69 Love Songs" in 1999? a) The Storm Fields b) The Totie Fields c) The Marshall Fields d) The Dorothy Fields e) The Magnetic Fields
A: The Magnetic Fields

Q: Which one of the movies did Martin Scorsese not direct?a) Boxcar Bertha b) Kundun c) Phar Lap d) It's Not Just You, Murray!
A: Phar Lap

Q: Who is the city's First Deputy Mayor? a) Patricia Harris b) Daniel Doctoroff c) Abe Vigoda
A: Patricia Harris

Q: What do John Wanamaker, A. T. Stewart, and Adam Gimbel have in common?
A: They all founded department stores.

Q: Explain the connection between "Freaky Friday" and "Flower Drum Song."
A: Mary Rodgers wrote Freaky Friday. She's the daughter of Richard Rodgers.

Q: If you're on Mangin Street, what borough are you in?
A: Manhattan
We'll be off all next week, while we make some technical upgrades, change the sparkplugs, stuff like that. We'll be back on April 2.

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