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Our monthly quiz — today's version is all about New York City buildings. The research was done using the book One Thousand New York Buildings by Bill Harris and Jorg Brockmann, which we recommend highly for any New Yorker's bookshelf. As always, answers to the quiz will be posted on the website after 3pm.

Q: Judson Church on Washington Square South has some impressive architectural credentials: stained glass windows by John La Farge and an overall design by which famous architect?
A: Stanford White

Q: The NY Botanical Garden in the Bronx is located on the old Lorillard estate. Pierre Lorillard made his fortune from a factory in lower Manhattan. What did the factory produce? a) snuff b) guns c) ladies' undergarments
A: Snuff

Q: The Pierre hotel was built by Charles Pierre. What was Pierre before he was a hotelier? a) chef b) furrier c) train conductor
A: Chef

Q: This Central Park building was for a time the home of the Museum of Natural History and early in the city's history was an ammunition dump for the city's militia. What's the building?
A: The Arsenal

Q: There is an apartment building in NY called South Park. What main cross street is it on? a) W. 23rd b) W. 57th c) W. 86th
A: W. 57th [9th/10th]

Q: The West Village house at 75 Bedford is only nine-and-a-half feet wide. It was at one time home to which poet? a) Walt Whitman b) Nipsey Russell c) Edna St. Vincent Millay
A: Edna St. Vincent Millay

Q: What's the oldest NY theater still in use? a) Belasco b) Lyceum c) Cort
A: Lyceum

Q: Who was the famous preacher associated with the Marble Collegiate Church?
A: Norman Vincent Peale

Q:When novelist Sinclair Lewis moved to NY, he chose to live at the Eldorado on CPW between 90th and 91st for a particular reason. What was the reason? a) It had air-conditioning b) It had miniature golf on the roof c) It had views of all the city bridges
A: It had views of all the city bridges

Q: One of these buildings named after a dessert, (and is also known as the Thomson Meter Building), exists today in Brooklyn. Which? a) Junket Rennet Building b) Eskimo Pie Building c) Ring Dings Building
A: Eskimo Pie Building, 110 Bridge St. [York] Brooklyn

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